BBQ Eng.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Saabclub.be, the club has had the excellent idea to organise a huge BBQ in Huy on Sunday September 16, during our international Saab-meeting.


The BBQ will be an organisation of Saabclub.be and therefore you have to make your reservations at the club as follows:


The price for a member of Saabclub.be will be 10€ per person-children of age 12 or less:5€


The price for a non-member of Saabclub.be will be 17€ per person- children of age 12 or less: 10€


If you wish to participate in this event, please make your payment to Saabclub.be on account nr 733-0001010-70

For abroad payments: IBAN: BE60733000101070 and BIC: KREDBEBB


Please mention the nr of people attending, both adults and of age 12 or less


For any further information please contact Hans Wagemans at: hans.wagemans@pandora.be

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